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TBL Presents “Women Of Courage”

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Volume Series:  CAUTION
Author’s Statement

The series Do This In Remembrance of Me was written to save lives.  Over 252,287 women have been murdered in this country.  Their lives deserve recognition.  It is not enough to dig a hole, erect a head stone and say their day is done.  These women had everything taken from them. For this more than a notice should be taken.

The books listed below are a result of a twelve year study of the murders of 20,000 American women. They contain extremely sensitive information; our apologies and condolences to the reader if this information is regarding a relative, loved one, and/or friend. Although these books contain, in certain areas, explicit descriptions of violence, extreme care was taken to allow the victims as much dignity as possible. As you read you will realize these descriptions were made to expand the reader’s understanding of violence and to prevent violence against women and children and violence in our communities.