The Passage Way



When you read The Passage Way you will learn that you can heal your life. The book also says you can take one small step and that step can change your life. All you will have to do is make small steady steps toward your goals. You can ease into new habits and turn your life around. You can overcome your fears and habit of procrastination. You can problem solve to turning your life around and you can find success. You can steadily build your confidence and believe your goals are doable. You must visualize your way to success. You must pay attention to small details. Never make assumptions. You must look forward to your continuous progress when you attempt weight loss, stop smoking, getting out of debt and finding new friend both socially and professionally. Finally, The Passageway will help you change your life without fear, without failure, and start you on a new path of continuous improvement. I have attached a pdf file for reading the excerpts of the book.

Page Count : 258 pages

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