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“If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you need to change.
You should pick up a book because therein lies the knowledge and change”
Gloria G. Lee, American Author, 1945


Our thoughts and emotion are shaped by the way we think and the way we think is framed by the information we receive from others. A good filtering process is necessary to keep ones thinking healthy. The young man above did not use his filtering process so his thinking was shaped by negativity and he met with poor results. We must consider the information we receive from others. One way of balancing the information we receive from other is reading. Reading opens the door to knowledge. Knowledge opens the door to the imagination and imagination opens the doors to a better life.

Change your life for the better and begin reading. Men and woman cannot live better without changing the circumstances of their life and you cannot change the circumstances of your life without new and reliable information. Reading is your way to better circumstances. Your mood will change with reading. Hope will abound in your spirit when you read. A better life will seem possible with reading. Take time for yourself and read. Life is too short for you to let it pass you by because you lack the knowledge that will come from reading. There is one change you must accept that you have to make in life if you truly want to survive as a human being and that change is reading.

Knowledge comes from reading. Understanding comes from reading. Tolerance and forbearance comes from reading. If you do not read, you have effectively isolated yourself from every other human being on this planet. So today you should decide to make a change. You need to learn to read and once you learn to read you need to continue to read. If you already know how to read you need to pick up a book written by your fellow countryman and find out what he or she is thinking. Reading a book is the biggest change you will ever make in your life. One word or one experience from a book can spark an idea that can lead to wealth and happiness. Take time out for yourself read a book. Meet the challenges of life through reading.

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