So You Want to Play Go? (Level 2)



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Written in the same conversational and friendly style as Level 1, you will explore more of what makes Go fascinating in this installment of the ‘So You Want to Play Go?’ series. Aimed at players who are not complete beginners, Level 2 is a primer on the basics of the strategies of Go. A guidepost to the tactics of this wonderfully complex strategy game, you’ll encounter a variety of subjects, including the opening, the middle game, and new shapes and tesuji. You can approach the book as a step by step course or you could flip around at leisure and tackle whatever you think looks appealing. Graduates of Level 1 will already be familiar with the setup, as each chapter ends with a quick tidbit on the history and culture surrounding Go, as well as 50 tsumego problems to test your mettle.

Item No.: P4000-600L2


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