The Career Rapist (Volume 3 – Part 2)



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This book was written to eliminate all of the emotional and intellectual hiding places of women. After reading this book you will not be able to stick your head in the sand any longer. Rape can happen to you and murder can happen to you and to anyone in your family or group of friends at any time and any place. The American woman is going to have to face the monsters in this country and defeat them. We cannot continue to allow men to rape and murder women and children at will. And we cannot continue to allow men and boys to force women and female children into a world of prostitution.

You are to never forget what you have learned while reading this book. Never! You are to teach it to your children, both male and female. They need to know there are evil forces in the world working toward their destruction. We can hopefully avoid many pitfalls by being alert to the dangers around us including being alert to the person with the winning smile. He is the most dangerous person of all, the man with the winning smile who offers you a drink or helps with your car.

See caution note.

Page count : 500
Size : 8 ½ by 11




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