God’s Encouraging Word



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The key to change is to avoid negative thinking. Negative thinking has killed more people than any disease or bomb. Negative thinking will stop you in your tracks. It will fill you with fear and you will never accomplish anything in your life. You must begin to pay attention to what you say to yourself because if you are constantly saying negative things to yourself you will begin to believe yourself. Avoid negative people. Anyone that does not feed into your changing your life positively must be avoided. Those of you who have used drugs or alcohol will need psychiatric help. Seriously, if you have used drugs for any length of time your ability to think and to control your emotions has been impaired and you may need extensive psychiatric care for you to complete your transformation. Remember negative thinking is a habit and so is positive thinking. Make an effort to develop the habit of thinking positive and all of your negative habits will become things of the past, especially the negative people you once lived around. Ignore the fools who will tell you that you are too old because they have no dreams inside of them.

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