It’s Time You Start Walking With God



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You must question the conduct of others and separate yourself from any man who does not live by the word of God. The course of your life comes from your mind and the thoughts of your mind come from your spirit. It is your spirit that leads you to action. So, if your actions have led you away from God you need to consider who is feeding your mind and who is affecting your soul.

It is the Devil’s goal to separate you from God. The Devil will begin with a nudge, then a pull, and finally a tug so you can take a plunge into darkness where you will stay until eternity. To avoid the cistern of darkness you must take time for reflection, analyzing your conduct and consider what you believe is right and what you believe is wrong. Ask yourself “Can I walk with God if I commit adultery or fornicate? Can I walk with God if I lie to my coworkers or mistreat my customers?” If you are doing these things, then you are not walking with God. You have pushed Him from your life and you are allowing the Devil and his helpers to entice you into a world of sin and debauchery. Your division from God does not have to be as blatant as adultery or fornication. It can be as small as not caring for your fellow man or purchasing pornography. You must sit down and decide once and for all who you are and what type of life you want to lead.

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