The Deadliest Moment (Volume 1 – Part 2)



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The deadliest moment in a woman’s life is the instant she tells her husband she would like a divorce or she tells her boyfriend she wants to end the relationship. There is no way a woman can calculate a man’s reaction to a divorce request. This is why this moment should be carefully planned. A woman should never tell her mate she wants to end the affair or marriage unless she is properly prepared. She should be prepared to flee. She should be prepared for any eventuality.

If you are a woman, once you make the decision to leave you must conduct yourself as if you are the general of an army. Ask yourself these questions. What will I need to do if he turns ugly, if he refuses the divorce, if he refuses to leave the house, if he begins to harass me at work? No woman should be so foolish as to think she can end a relationship without battle scars. While you are at work, or on the bus or elsewhere begin to jot down notes. Ask yourself what important papers you will need if you have to leave the state. Forget those foolish notions that you should not have to leave your home. All of these ideas are true but the bottom line is a restraining order or a stalking order cannot save your life if your husband or boyfriend kicks in your door or climbs in your window and kills you.

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