The Deadliest Moment (Volume 1 – Part 1)



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What you are about to read is our announcement describing 3,010 extraordinaryevents about women who had their time on this earth taken away from them because someone made the decision to murder them. The power of our announcement should bring you pause, and our announcement should bring you the knowledge to preserve the time on earth. Before you begin reading, we ask that you do not read this book in a car, on a subway, at work, in the library, or any place where you will be distracted. You will not need a bookmarker, nor will you dog-ear the pages. You will always remember where you stopped reading because as you read every name will become important to you.

This is not a book for popcorn or potato chips, but it is a book for tea or Chardonnay. Out of deference and respect to the subject we ask that you only read this book in the privacy of your home. We want you to have a singular experience. When you begin reading Do This in Remembrance of Me, please select a time and place where you can be at rest and can commune with the women who will be speaking to you. They are worthy of your absolute attention. These are the women who have gone before you. You are on sacred ground.

See caution note above:

Page count : 500
Size : 8 ½ by 11




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