Murder in the Family (Volume 2 – Part 1)



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A woman can not assume that her husband will think that the best way out of his dilemma is to ask her for a divorce. Unless the woman knows what her husband’s dilemma is she cannot make any assumption as to how her husband will solve his problem. Once a man commits adultery his wife is now in the way of his mistress. The wife is in the way of his financial independence. The wife is in the way of his happiness. She has become a problem and the children a liability. He wants the silverware and the table setting. The dining room set should be his because he picked it out from the show room. His wife does not have a right to his pension because he is the one who went to work everyday. He can’t expect his girlfriend to accept him without anything. He has to have money so he can make his girlfriend happy.

Page count : 500
Size : 8 ½ by 11




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