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No matter who you are or where you are, God is with you. God wants you to believe in Him. When God calls, your deliverance is at hand. You must recognize the time when God comes to save you. Follow the voice within when you hear God call, because God is now calling you. There is nothing greater than living with God’s love.

If you can’t sleep, if you are confused, if you can’t keep a job, if your wife has left you, if your children hate you, if you lie awake at night, if you just lost your house, if you are tired and hungry, if you are looking for a wife, if you are alone and unhappy, if you can’t make up your mind, if you think people don’t like you, if you are looking for a soul mate, if your life is filled with anger and fear, if you are fighting sickness and disease, or if you can’t get along with your neighbor, you need to try God.

But, if you decide to try God, don’t think you can continue to do these things: Lie to your wife. Disrespect your neighbor. Bed your brother’s wife. Dishonor your children, and cheat your customers. Do not think you can play God like a genie in the bottle, where He will appear only when needed, because once invited in, God may decide not to leave. Then what are you going to do?

Book Dimensions : 6″ By 9″
Total Pages : 536


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