The Recidivist (Volume 4 – Part 1)



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From 1970 to 1979 raping and murdering women was his passion. Murdering women was his pleasure and he took pride in his work. Now he has had enough of the mundane life of prison. He wants out of prison. He wants to walk the landscape look at the stars all the while he can hunt another victim. Phillip Joseph Hughes, Jr., 57, of California is serving concurrent life sentences for killing three young women in the early 1970s. In 2001 he was denied parole he has to serve five more years before he receives another parole hearing. Can anyone say whether or not Mr. Hughes is any less dangerous than he was in 1970? In fact can we not say that Mr. Phillip Hughes is just as dangerous as he ever was? Terry Blair of Missouri was paroled January 2004 after serving 17 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend. He began killing a few months after being paroled. Apparently the parole board thought the murder of Mr. Blair’s girlfriend was a crime of passion that he was not dangerous to other women. Mr. Blair killed eight women before the police tracked him down. Michael Bizanowicz’s, 41, a child rapist of Massachusetts, a level three sex offender, was allowed his freedom. He met a woman and moved in with her and her children. When he moved out he frequently visited this woman (a global positioning system confirmed his visits). A few months later January 7, 2004, he murdered Joanne Presti, 34, and Alyssa, 12, a mother and daughter living in that neighborhood. If Mr. Blair can murder eight women after being paroled for killing one woman and Mr. Bizanowicz killed two women after raping a child, why is it not possible for Mr. Hughes to murder once paroled since he has already killed three women?
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