Murder in the Family (Volume 2 – Part 2)



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Let’s see what you know about the subject of violence against women. Here’s a hypothetical situation. You’re a woman with a husband of many years. You have children and live in a home in an affluent area. Your husband has just lost his job or his business is bankrupt. Are you in danger of being murdered? Take a second to think. If you said, “Well, I know my husband, I don’t feel he’s capable of it,” or “It’s possible, but I haven’t seen any signs of it,” then you’re second guessing the situation. The correct answer is, “Yes.” There are no caveats; there are no “what ifs” here. If your husband suddenly loses his livelihood then you are in danger of being murdered. Case closed. Will it actually happen? There’s no way for you to know for certain, but you need to have a strategy. You need to know how you can extricate yourself. You need to know how other men murdered their wives in a similar situation.

Do not rule out your husband hiring a hit man.You need to know where you and your children can go should you have to leave the state. If you do not want to think of your husband as a murderer, that’s fine. Who would? It’s not a pleasant thought. However, find out if he has a life insurance policy out on you or whether or not he has a girlfriend on the side. If he is committing adultery, then you are to flee, immediately. You may be able to convince yourself that you know your husband’s character, but can you vouch for his mistress? To his mistress, you may be in the way of her living happily ever after with your husband. This scenario was presented as hypothetical, but as you’ve already figured out, it’s not. It has happened numerous times.
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