Access To Care

We at Touched By the Light Publishing wants to reduce the number of uninsured people dying in our country because of lack of proper medical care. We recently learned that more than 54,000 people die every year from illnesses that could have been prevented if they had received medical care in time. We also know of many people who could have been spared from painful operations and worsening complications if their diseases were detected early.  We decided to commit a portion of our earnings to bring attention to this problem and to get others in our communities to help.   The uninsured in our communities can receive the health care they deserve.   Please watch the  video below on health care for the uninsured.   For a healthier America maybe during the National Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness Month you will attend to your own health needs and go in and get that much needed check up, mammogram or Pap smear.  We know that early detection saves lives.    Help us bring hope into the lives of your neighbors and friends.

                            “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi 

America’s Uninsured           Important Health Articles Regarding The Uninsured